Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Sleepless in Seattle!

We have launched six neighborhood teams to meet, serve, and befriend people experiencing homelessness all throughout King County. To get involved, please join one of the Facebook groups below.

Neighborhood map

Neighborhood team map.

Neighborhood Teams are designed to empower volunteers to:

Make friends.

Teams will strive get to know one another as well as those experiencing homelessness on a friendly basis. We believe that in the context of friendship, "people happen" as friends provide emotional support and empower one another to make healthy life choices.

Meet immediate needs.

Teams will help provide basic life essentials like food, water, and sleeping bags as needs arise.

Make referrals to appropriate social services.

Teams will partner with appropriate nonprofits, businesses, and social services to make referrals.

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Looking for other ways to help? Check out United Way's list of homelessness-related volunteering opportunities.