Support the 2017 Big Give

Join us financially as we raise $25,000 to supply sleeping bags and other essentials to 3,000 needy individuals this winter. These sleeping bags and other goods will be distributed at our "Big Give" event on Saturday 12/16 by over 300 volunteers who have come together to meet those in need with a sleeping bag and a friend all throughout Seattle. You may donate to the fundraiser here.

Donate to Sleepless in Seattle

If you are interested in supporting Sleepless in Seattle's grassroots efforts to meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness in King County, you are welcome to contribute online or through a mailed check. All donations are tax-deductible.

If you would like to submit a donation by check to Sleepless in Seattle, please mail to:

Sleepless in Seattle

Please write the check to the order of "Urban Hands" memo "Sleepless in Seattle." 100% of donations goes directly towards buying sleeping bags and related goods in discounted bulk rates. Minor administrative costs are covered out-of-pocket by the Sleepless in Seattle core team.

Urban Hands is the sponsoring non-profit behind Sleepless in Seattle. Urban Hands is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to providing nutritious meals and work opportunities for homeless and hungry neighbors in the Puget Sound area. They partner with local organizations in need of food services in order to sustain life, build community, and foster human dignity. On any given week, Urban Hands donates over 1,000 high quality, nutritious catered meals to those in need.